Nagapoojitha 3 years later


I first met Nagapoojitha in February 2013. She had very bad hearing and was able only to sit at the front of class and just try her best. Her picture featured in my India’s Forgotten Children Exhibition in London the following year. Last week I met her again and she is doing very well at the Patashala School. Seen here, she proudly holds a school book that three years ago, she could never have written in or read.¬†

A small girl with hearing difficulties sits on the floor in class, Hyderabad, 2013


Preparing For Krishnashtami

Walking past a small workshop in the dusty streets of Kukatpally, India, I stopped to talk to Savitha, who invited me to take a look around her family business. With the festival of Krishnashtami days away, work was in full swing. Despite my obvious love of black and white photography, this set could only be in colour!Krishna4









After Dark

Playing in the street after dark in the dusty streets of Andhra Pradesh, these kids reminded me of moths around a candle, running around and around in circles under a street light.¬†This was shot from the rooftop of my friend Priyanka’s house. A few of us were sitting up there after working all day and having watched the sunset and enjoyed a cup of chai. Relaxing times.


Maheens’ Birthday

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