Almost Nothing Needs To Be Said When You Have Eyes

In a small unknown and forgotten corner of the developing world, surviving with some of the poorest people on earth, a young Dalit girl smiles. She wanted to smile and be in every photo I made there; her real feelings though, lie deep within her eyes. A Repost from 2013, but this pictures deserves, more than almost any of mine, not to be forgotten. From a photographic perspective, a flawed portrait of mine in lots of ways. But none of that really matters at all. Whatever happened to this lovely little human being I will never know… Please pray for peace and happiness in our world.




8 thoughts on “Almost Nothing Needs To Be Said When You Have Eyes

  1. So much strength, determination and joy in her generous smiling eyes. A beautiful portrait Peter, she really pulls you in. Makes me want to smile and cry at the same time . ..

  2. Thanks a ton for re-posting this, Peter. So much innocence, beauty and tenderness comes through this image. One can see a smile in those eyes but they also seem to be concealing some hurt, some hardship.

  3. Beauty and poverty; joy and pain, coexist side by side….everywhere.
    The joy, is touching the soul of another human being through a shared smile, and an acknowledgment of the right of a shared existence.

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