New Website

Through some constant hassling of a few friends mine, I have been fortunate to get myself invited to Nepal (via North India) to photograph a worthy project and also one in Amritsar too. I’m intending to make more time to work like this and an actual website, as opposed to a blog, is going to be useful, if not essential. 

I used Square Space to make it and I hope it’s turned out quite well. Hopefully, easy to navigate, clean looking and not too cluttered.

There is even an “obligatory photographer selfie” on the about page!


11 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Checked out your website, Peter and I love it. I am so excited to know about your project. I hope we get to meet each other when you here. I will be out of India for a few months..will come back early next year.

    1. Definitely Uday. I will try to connect my flights at Delhi rather than Bombay. (I’ll email you over the weekend rather that talk about the flight details and stop-overs etc here) You can probably show me more than a few things about the city that I’ve missed over the years!

  2. New website is a great venture….so many brilliant portrait points of view. Shall be in Delhi on 13 October and in N India for a month and looking forward to all the wonderful experiences that India has to offer. Hope your preparation goes well Peter.

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