London Chinatown…again

I can’t seem to keep away from Chinatown lately and spent another freezing night there with numb fingers!


26 thoughts on “London Chinatown…again

  1. Love it! How do you get here? I am new to London and would love to see some of the more specialized towards certain ethnic groups parts of town. I have only seen the touristy parts so far and feel like thats just not enough! Great shots!

    1. Hi and thanks. The nearest underground stations are Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The main street is Gerrard St (very close to stations just ask somebody in the street) but the surrounding streets and alleys are full of interest. Another place to try, for the Indian community, is Southall Broadway. Glad you like the pictures!

  2. Fabulous collection Peter – I must stop skimming the Reader and pay more attention – particularly to yours :-) Are you using the Fuji X100s – my constant companion now, something no DSLR can be.

    1. Thank you very much indeed. I sold my dlsr and few lenses (never had a lot of stuff in the first place) and now have an XT-1 and a couple of lenses. Unfortunately I don’t get out as much as I’d like, but when I do, its brilliantly small and light. For travelling, its an easy decision.

  3. Correct me if I am jumping to conclusions but I think, to call oneself a photographer, it is not enough to own a camera. You must go out and shoot! So I would assume it was a good investment for you! :) I love this series, The very deep blacks. My only question: what is a cupping massage?

  4. Adore the saturation and detail in these gorgeous night shots Peter! I have been flirting with Fuji for ages but they keep coming out with new cameras – which lenses did you opt for?

    1. Hi there Patti. Im glad you like these photos!
      I was looking at Fuji mainly because of the size and weight initially, but to be honest I was sceptical; chiefly with having an electronic not an optical viewfinder. I don’t want to do Fujifilm’s work for them but, for me personally, a massively good decision. Sold my d700 and a few lenses..bought an XT1 with a kit lens (18-55 f2.8 – f4 – so about 26-80 ish in full frame terms) also now got a long telephoto zoom. I honestly wouldn’t swap it for the best that Nikon or Canon offer. I think its just too good.
      Knowing your style of photography, I would imagine you’d not look back either! Their range of lenses are not only as good as or better than the big two brands….they’re smaller and lighter.
      Regarding the view finder. It was a bit odd initially, but I very soon forgot what an optical finder was even like..
      Like I said though in the post, I think we’d make the same photos with any camera, but ultimately in my case at least, It’s so small it gets used a lot more often.

      1. That’s so good to hear, thank you Peter, particularly after your big decision to sell all your trusty Nikon gear. Honestly, I have looked at every Fuji camera, one after the other as new ones keep coming out and now I have even more choice. Did you consider the Sony A7ii at all?
        All your shots are so good!

        1. Thanks Patti :) Initially I did look at that camera. I just took the plunge with the fuji fairly quickly and found that it suits me perfectly. I had read that some people were bothered about it not being “full frame” etc, but personally I don’t really believe it makes any difference at all. I know that fuji came out with a more recent XT1 recently, but brilliantly, all the improvements on the one I have, are available as free firmware updates ( I don’t really even need or want them though)
          To be honest with you, the only reason I ditched the d700, is because I really hated its weight and size and realised that I could use something half its bulk, with exactly the same results. Other than that, it was fine despite its age. It I could have shrunk it I would have done that instead! :)
          A great photojournalist told me 5 years ago to go to the store and whichever camera felt right in my hands, get that one! I think it was really good advise :) Please let me know what you do in the end Patti..

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