Maheens’ Birthday

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18 thoughts on “Maheens’ Birthday

    1. Ah thank you Dorothy thats really nice of you to say.
      I’ll let you into a secret; I was travelling with this family across the city of Hyderabad by bus so they knew me. I would be quite shy about shooting photos this intimate of people I didn’t know as well! So I’m with you on that :)

    1. Glad you like these Patti as these are favourites of mine :)
      I’m looking forward a great deal to going back there fairly soon.
      (I’m not normally that concerned about camera stuff, but… I’m a bit excited about ditching the heavy dslr gear as I’m taking a fujifilm xt-1 and a couple of fast primes. Can’t wait to be liberated from the weight and size!!

  1. Very fine monos and I love the narrative context.
    It’s so easy to blow the highlights on bus shots like these…..well handled, and the personal relationships clearly reap benefits here. Its so difficult to choose a favourite but amongst many I would go for the lad waiting to board the bus with his silhouette caught by the sun…. Brilliant!

    1. Cheers John. You are absolutely right about the personal relationships. Helps a great deal!
      The shot with the silhouette was one of 3 I got kneeling on the floor in the queue!! (the things we do!!) I was pleased I got one that was ok when I looked back at them that night! :)

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