“A teachers life lights many lamps.” – APJ Kalam

MS Foundation School, Hyderabad, 2014

MS Foundation School, Hyderabad, 2014


23 thoughts on ““A teachers life lights many lamps.” – APJ Kalam

  1. This is one of those photographs that hold your attention, draw you in and make it real hard to turn your gaze away. An absolute gem, Pete! This one will stay in my mind for a long, long time.

    1. Uday this was on one of my last days, I was really really tired and I’m sure I had the photographers version of writers block! Out of nowhere I saw this girl almost as you see in the picture; I only ushered her a little closer to the wall and she then got shy and raised the book. I got 4 frames before the moment was gone and this was the best one!

  2. I really think you’re one of those few photographers I know of who captures the real world beautifully. These photos are so emotional and artistic at the same time, all captured through your vision. Not just saying it dude, I love your photos, especially when they have so much meaning and a story behind it. Always look forward to your work, maybe you should put your work in a book for people to buy.


    1. Babu I greatly appreciate your comments and support. It’s often a tough task for me to feel confident about my photography.
      I think the subject matter of these pictures is really important and it gives me a lot of strength in making the pictures.
      I’d love to make a book; perhaps in the future.
      In the meantime, I have an exhibition of prints in London quite soon in association with a really good charity. I know you’re in the East End, I’d love to see you if you could pop in. Many thanks mate.

  3. That would be really good. It’s at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalger Square (directly opposite National Portrait Gallery) from 2nd August to 31st August. It’s running every day (just walk in) but we have a few private viewing functions during that time with food and music etc by invite, the dates of which have yet to be set but I’ll email invitation to you when I know.
    Many thanks Babu for being interested! :)

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