Who wants to be a grown up??

India, 2013

India, 2013


11 thoughts on “Who wants to be a grown up??

    1. Glad this brought a smile James :) Actually I had discarded this photo ages ago for poor focus. My aperture was around f2.8 for something completely different and these guys were suddenly jumping around in front of the camera. I had only the time to get from 70mm to 24mm and grab this one shot. Anyway, I came across it again and after adding a bit of clarity and contrast it suddenly looked a lot better to me.
      I often find going back to discarded photo’s after a while gives a better perspective and has given me some of my favourite pictures! Lucky I have a lot of external drive space!!

  1. It’s good to get the technical bit right though I’m frequently caught out by situations like this. I agree about passing over images and then discovering them later…..so glad that you were able to present this one, it’s a winner….happy kids….wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much John. Its become a favourite of mine.
      I think I might have been sent a sign about the new camera issue.
      The day after I read your comment about the OM-D, my d700 starting taking pictures with the following info, in aperture priority;
      f.95, 5.4 sec, 7800mm!!???
      I was actually at f3.2 and 70mm with a 24-70 lens!
      Anyway, if it goes off to Nikon I might be forced to spend on the OM-D!! :) I’m feeling excited about the prospect of taking a camera out with me more often!

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