The Joy Of Learning

Living in the UK we often take for granted the tax payer funded state education system we have here.  All children are in compulsory education as a matter of law.

Of the tens of  millions of children living in poverty in India, only some are lucky enough to benefit from an education at all and those who don’t, end up wandering the streets or working instead. Thankfully there are many NGO’s and charities that provide an education for children whose families can’t afford the usual fees.

These are happy children grasping the opportunity to go to school, learn and wear their uniforms with pride!

For more information about the MS Foundation school please visit Hyderapals


35 thoughts on “The Joy Of Learning

  1. What a beautiful post of such lovely children. Education is something we take for granted here in the US. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show us follow-up shots in the future?!

  2. These are beautiful pictures, Pete. Bright eyes and smiles :) The sixth one from top, the kid writing on the board with his teacher looking over thoughtfully is a gem.

  3. Hey Peter, can tell these children have left their mark on your heart with the way your photos have brought them to us. Beautiful.
    I have set up a new blog by the way (, there’s only 2 photos on there at the mo…

    1. Many thanks David. I absolutely agree with you. They say that knowledge is power and this is why I think so many are denied education or not helped in getting it: it keeps the people who do the dirty work for the powerful, doing the dirty work for the powerful!
      I saw this in abundance in India sadly. Its the same in the UK but in India its on a far more dramatic scale.

  4. We easily forget that school and learning is a privilege elsewhere. Thank you for reminding me. The pictures are wonderful. B/W works perfect in these pictures.

    1. Thanks very much I’m glad you like them:) I’m in the UK at the moment but I’m back in India, in a few weeks actually, to spend some more time in this area.
      Cold rainy and grim here right now so quite looking forward to some sunshine!

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