Young “untouchable” children camped in makeshift tents on wasteland, Hyderabad, India, 2013.
My thanks to Tom Holloway and Indira Burgul for guiding my path to this place and to Priyanka and Zoe for coming with me. Most of the children here can’t go to school so work or wander instead in an often dangerous environment. To see more of my pictures of the life changing work a local school does for children from very poor backgrounds, please click HERE.


21 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. A joy to be able to see these images, a joy to see how sympathetically you have taken these images, a joy in my heart because I have seen these type of children on my travels, a joy to know we can so easily care, teach and share our experiences. A warm thanks Peter

  2. Hey Peter, the girl in the front is the same girl who featured in your very first pic, right (the little girl in orange colored dress)? what expressive eyes she’s got! and what lovely bunch of children!
    In hell be damned the man who first coined the term as nasty as the ‘untouchable’! These kids here aren’t ‘untouchables’, they are ‘unforgettables’!

    1. They are definitely unforgettable! I have been reading a bit into the background and history of these people of which apparently there are about 160 million in India.
      I read about some truly horrifying incidents of persecution and cruelty that almost defy belief.
      Its a nasty symptom of human prejudice that is present the world over but in different guises.

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