seat of learning

A small girl sits with slate in hand waiting for class to begin, MSF School, Hyderabad, 2013

A small girl sits with slate in hand waiting for class to begin, MSF School, Hyderabad, 2013


21 thoughts on “seat of learning

    1. Ivy its nice to hear from you! :) I hope that as many people as possible find an interest in the subject matter. I will be working as much as possible to help my friends in Hyderabad raise awareness of this school. Please come back to see more over the next few weeks :)

  1. I feel like you’re photos (this one and the previous one of the girl with the eyes) are really telling me such a story with just a single photo!

    I love the composition of this photo Peter.

    My thoughts trailed down the line of how hard people go to providing these children with education and how important it is to them, and then in some parts of more “privileged” parts of the world (especially UK areas) children don’t care about their education or see it as important…

    1. Firstly many thanks for your comment regarding these pictures Roo. If you have felt that about them I take it as a big compliment :)
      You are absolutely right about the value attached to education in different parts of the world. Children face huge problems in countries like India and many others, but even little steps towards equality in the world makes a difference to the bigger picture I think.

  2. ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’- Nelson Mandela
    Study well, little child. You are but the future of our country & the world.

  3. So loved this pic, Peter! The little girl’s looking up & directly into your camera, the dividing wall and the two pairs of sandals… all add up to the beauty of this pic & is symbolic of the obvious. So beautifully captured in time! :)

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