monochrome, black and white, photography, nature, film grain

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein


43 thoughts on “Slender

    1. Cheers James, your compliments are always a compliment, if you get what I mean. Am glad you wished me a creative new year. I’ve been getting off my bum and digging up some RAW files I had forgotten I’d taken (this was in the summer just gone)
      I heard somebody recently talking about pictures we take and ignore as no good for ages and then, looking back, see something in them that we’d missed in the first place. This was one of those!

      1. Peter I really look forward seeing more of these revisited photographs and I can understand what you are saying as admittedly in this digital age we have a tendency to discard or forget about images as we no longer have the prints in an album to remind us to look again at the negs. I hope you have a great week. regards, James

  1. One word: Simplicity!

    this came to mind, while looking at your image:
    “Simplicity is not an objective in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one’s self by entering into the real sense of things.” (Constantin Brancusi)

  2. the strongest Oak, down to the weakest stem… Nature finds a way… to continue and grow,… We have a weak Japanese Maple, looking much as your photo, it struggles so, but this year?… The best growth spurt for years…. (all our wet weather!!!) :-) xPenx

    1. I was driving through the most beautiful countryside yesterday in South Buckinghamshire, along winding roads covered by a thick green canopy of trees. I was driving past beautiful fields and meadows. All thanks to our lovely rain!! Its a bit of a pain sometimes but makes the sunny days even better when they arrive!

      1. we are so lucky, (I’ll be lynched by those who hate rain) for everywhere we look it’s lushly green, in every shade/variant imaginable.. and I love it!! :-)

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