Going Home

photography, black and white, India, National Highway 2

The Delhi to Calcutta Road, Uttar Pradesh, India. Old ladies making their way home from work on board a TATA truck.
August 2012.


22 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I agree with ckponderings. It also leaves a bit of mystery that’s explained by the description. I don’t think I would have realized they were in a truck otherwise!

    1. They are indeed!! Probably a fairly cheap mode of transport but a pretty bumpy ride I bet!! This is one of many ways of getting about. Believe it or not these guys are enjoying a fairly uncramped ride. Certainly looks more comfy than squeezing on the London tube at rush hour – if youre lucky enough to get in one at that time!! :)

    1. Thanks James, that’s a big compliment! I got a few wider shots too with much more of the truck, fellow passengers and road but they didn’t really work for me. I’m back in India this year on my own with a specific purpose!! Can’t wait! – I’ll keep you posted.

      1. I guess you’re not English/Australian….foo-was-‘ere — the images are always only from the nose up, on a fence/wall of some kind, and looks quite comic, especially if the eyes are really expressive. For instance, I really enjoy the one on the extreme left, with the hand grasping the wall and the sunnies, makes it, in my view! :O) And, yes, I do like the picture, it is very good work, peter!

        1. Phew!! Foo-was-‘ere: Thank goodness I have not offended you…LOL! I’m curious now, what is it called where you are? Mixed blood, well, we can’t help who we are, and who is pure anyway? I’m not…(do you like the double entendre in that last sentence…part of my natural cheekiness! ;) )

  2. I say “Two Thumbs Up!” so much kudos to shout-about this depiction… “drama within a drama about drama” – This picture brings on the mystery in a cohesive and compelling way.

  3. Beautiful picture! I’m unsure where it was taken but know that most likely it’s not from US due to how they are dressed. I love pictures of other cultures. I’m a new follower. Love your photography!

    1. Thank you Jenny :) Glad you like the picture; its North India. We probably would be in trouble with the police if we travelled like that in the US or UK but its pretty common there. In fact its very common to see a family all on one motorcycle, babies too!!

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