33,000 feet

Virgin Atlantic, Black and White photography,

Virgin Atlantic Airlines, somewhere above Europe.
Summer, 2012


33 thoughts on “33,000 feet

  1. So simple, real. Such a good job. So do you have to ask to take a picture of someone before you do it or do you snap the pic and ask later?

    1. Thank you glad you like it :)
      In this instance there was no issue as its my daughter but other times its a tricky situation I often find. If asking is appropriate I will and that is often the case with a person on their own in public. A lot depends on the circumstances though – for example if I came across a street act I probably wouldn’t ask as they are performing anyway (I did however ask in the case of my post ‘streetcats’ and they said it was fine but in that instance I wanted a lot of pictures so felt it was right to ask). In my most recent post ‘together’ I just indicated to the girl by showing her the camera and saying ‘is it ok?’ and she nodded and looked into the camera. At the temple I was in I had permission to shoot so it was easier than approaching a complete stranger in a public place.
      I don’t personally like using a telephoto lens from a distance in public without a persons knowledge although its perfectly legal in the UK.
      Sorry for the essay but its a very good question, the answer to which probably varies from person to person :)

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