North India 2012

Old man sitting inside the gatehouse at the Taj Mahal, India, 2012

Old man sitting inside the gatehouse at the Taj Mahal, India, 2012


46 thoughts on “North India 2012

    1. Cheers James. Thank you as always for the compliment :)

      I managed to grab this particular picture through the window of a moving car!! They were probably wondering who the strange guy hanging out the window was!!
      I’m back there (big cross of the fingers) this winter on my own and with plenty of time which is cheering me up a bit!! :)

      1. Groan, moan, so jealous as I do so miss the blast the senses get from travelling in India. I must really grab some cash together and throw myself into the deluge of sounds, sights and smells. Always a humbling experience when I get chance to be there

        1. Absolutely! Definitely an exiting place to go. I’ve been a lot but only to the North (Mainly to The Punjab and Delhi as I have extended family there) My brother in law recently married a girl from close to Jaipur and now I have no excuse not to travel a little further!! I’ve only really seen the tip of the iceberg!

  1. What AMAZING shots, Pete! Honestly! I love the one of the men sitting on top of the bus with that guy giving you the okay. It’s money! :)

    1. :) :) Thanks Janice!! It means an awful lot to me that you and others would take the time to say such nice things!
      I’m off to you tube to listen to your “Lucky”!! (That’s still my favourite!!)

    1. Melody thanks very much for this!! :) I greatly appreciate your time and that you have thought of me – very glad you enjoy any pictures that I post! :) :)

  2. Amazing pictures. I specially love the first and the fourth images.It’s so cool that you got to visit India. It’s on top of my list of countries to visit!

    1. Thank you! :) I really like number 1 too! He was a very photogenic man in a really photogenic place. It’s a wonderful place to visit. I would definitely recommend.
      The funny thing is that even though I have been many times (I have family there) I always find I have a love/hate relationship with India. It’s a real land of extremes and at its best it’s magnificent beyond anything but at its worst it’s absolutely horrible. There is really bad social injustice in India. Whatever your view is once you’ve been there, one thing is for certain – it’s an experience well worth the airfare!!
      Let me know if you are going I would be happy to recommend some good places to go and stay and any other advice you might need.

  3. breath taking captures! ‘if pictures could speak a thousand words’, in here, are those pictures! so stunning & awesome! loved each and ever pic on your blog! :)

    1. Teju thanks so much I’m really grateful to you for your words! Often I have to think a lot about whether or not to post a picture on my blog but its always worth while if somebody appreciates them and lets me know.
      Nice to connect with you :)

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