Business as Usual

Mother and Son team start work early. Mum sweeps and her son collects anything that might be worth a few Rupees. He should be on his way to school but its too expensive and his daily earnings matter. I bought some old cable from them. I was on my way to work too and after a chat and exchanged smiles, we parted ways. I had a very tough day that day but kept my mind on my new found friends.

6 thoughts on “Business as Usual

  1. smithiesshutter

    Love them…….
    The camera is at waist height, were you using the screen or bending down and using the viewfinder. I ask because I like the viewpoint and it encourages me to think more flexibly about how I work with the camera.

    1. Photographs by Peter Knight Post author

      Glad you like these!
      For both of them I was kneeling looking through the view finder. They were shot at 24mm (full frame camera so pretty wide) and as close as possible. I think ideally would have been closer to 20mm but I had only 24-70 lens.
      Thanks for asking; it’s nice to talk about it and makes me want to go and photograph something!


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