The Delhi To Agra Road

The Delhi to Agra Road in North India seen at nightfall through the windscreen of our taxi. We’re travelling east and just about leaving the state of Haryana crossing into Uttar Pradesh.

A new expressway has been built recently meaning this road will no longer be the fastest route from Delhi to the Taj Mahal. It’ll be far less interesting to travel along though!

7 thoughts on “The Delhi To Agra Road

  1. smilescanbecatching

    Hey Peter!! So we had a guy speak at our church this morning from an organization called Gospel for Asia. They do a lot of missionary work in India and I thought of you! I was wondering where you are in India? Do you travel around or do you stay mostly in one area? Also, are you there with a certain organization or are you just traveling on your own? Hope you’re doing well!! :)

  2. smithiesshutter

    Not too busy at this time of night, but travel anywhere in India is going to be interesting and eventful……and immediately I’m there with the sounds and smells.

    1. Photographs by Peter Knight Post author

      My favourite thing is being on a motorbike weaving through the city traffic in the cool of the night time. Great when it’s been a really hot day and the city is alive with life! The sound of the auto’s and beeping horns.


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