20 thoughts on “Thank You Hyderapals

  1. Well done Peter and so excited the subjects in your stunning shots are getting the recognition they deserve. Fingers are crossed that when next in London I can view the exhibition. All best wishes to you!

  2. You’ve touched on a subject that was untouchable, Peter, and by your photo’s ,. from the heart, some sad, glad, full of life… have highlighted the situation these children were in, … they are seen, noticed and cannot therefore be forgotten… All through your camera… Mightier than the sword, and the written word.. :D Sincere Congratulations. Pen x

    1. Thanks Arjun and sorry its taken me a so long to reply. I hope your road trip has taken you down to Mumbai safely. Its the journey thats more important than the destination as they say (I think thats how it goes??)
      Keep well!

      1. It’s day 10 and I’m starting for Leh from Srinagar via Zanskar. No plans to reach Mumbai soon but by 10th I’ll have better access to internet. Thanks Peter for checking on me. Hope things are great at your end.

  3. Brilliant news Peter, your photos really deserve to be given a wider audience and raising the profile of social and economic attitudes in India is entirely justified. Would love to see some photos of your show. Am only sorry I shan’t be able to see it in person…..hope it goes well and gets wide publicity.

    1. Thanks so much John for your encouragement; it’s very important to me.
      I have to say that the biggest challenge is printing at large sizes and getting it right. I’m learning tons though and bringing pictures previously confined to my monitor to life in print is hugely rewarding and addictive (and costly!) but worth it :)

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