When Good Fortune Is Present

I think that a lot about getting the photos I want is having all the right variables present at the same place and time. Beautiful subject, the best light I could ask for, amazing colours, the right lens on my camera at right time and being privileged enough to be allowed to make the picture in the first place. My sincere thanks.

11 thoughts on “When Good Fortune Is Present

  1. penpusherpen

    Wonderful capture, Peter, as you so rightly say, Beautiful the subject.. and my thanks to you for the privilege of the share. She’s so full of character it reaches out to you.. xPenx

  2. Uday Narayanan

    Absolutely love this, Peter and I strongly agree with you. It is so much about having all those variables falling in place but it is also about how you look at your subjects. Your love for them. So much love and affection comes through this photograph, Pete.

    1. Photographs by Peter Knight Post author

      Uday your opinion is always valued so I’m glad you like this picture!
      This recent trip was so difficult for me as I had literally only a few days and an unending list of things to photograph but, I’m in India again soon to finish my project!
      It’s always a great pleasure to hear form you so thanks as always for looking!


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